SPRiNG Magazine Freebies Review

I used to had unhealthy obsession with magazine when I was in Junior and Senior High School. Back then, popular teen magazine like Seventeen, Cosmogirl, or Gogirl always had a cool freebies in almost every edition and me, even as a poor student spent all the money my parents gave to me for bought those magazines every month simply for collected their bonuses. Fast forward, my obsession towards magazine seems cured thanks to internet and also because I grown up and most of woman magazine so boring they almost never include any freebies. Unfortunately my obsession relapsed after I’m moving to Japan, because Japanese magazines freebies are whole different level. Like this makeup set I’ve got from June 2017 edition that being sold on May of SPRiNG magazine.

As you can see, they aren’t in sample size, but regular size. Price of the magazine itself is about 860 JPY which quite pricey but it comes with 3 regular size cosmetics so totally worth in every penny imho. Then, the quality of the products are decent and usable.
Another reason why I decided to bought this magazine is not because I always love the contents (so I basically buying this magazine every month) but also because This makeups is a collaboration between Japanese fashion brand Beams and popular Japanese model Emi Suzuki, who always on my favorite model list.
Ms. Emi Suzuki, my love
As I said before, the quality if the product it self is quite decent, especially as a product that basically made for a magazine freebies and super cheap. The packaging design is very simple yet stylish in black plastic and white hand write typography, feels like its written by white paint. It give an expensive illusion but when you touch it you know its a cheap stuff because the plastic is so thin and light weight.
The eyeshadows palette has 6 different shade in neutral tone, except for the blue one. Its come with two different texture, creamy texture for the dark brown and blue, and powdery matte for the rest. The pigmentation is not that good when I made a swatch, but after a couple times, its became quite pigmented. My favorite is creamy dark brown and dusty pink shades. The eyeshadow comes with brush that unexpectedly very good. The sponge is so soft and can pulled the eyeshadow perfectly, same with the angled brush that very neat, soft, and precise. 
The blush and lip gloss is really good too. The cream blush texture is hard to be honest, but still blend able and give you a natural cheeky rose flush on your face. The lip gloss color is my favorite, dark berry with a hint of purple. The texture is on oily side and not sticky at all, but unfortunately it has strange, petroleum smell and not long lasting enough.
Not only gave us a freebies, the magazine also included some makeup tutorial by using those products, so we can have lots options to use.
I really like this products, especially for the packaging. Among three of them, my favorite is the eyeshadows. Jelly Magazine also gave a makeup freebies for this month issue, and I probably make a review for those makeup too 😉
See ya and happy Ramadhan!

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  1. Seger banget kalo bw ke blognya teteh, vitamin for eyes banget hahaha


  2. What a great review, Padma!
    I also like Japanese magazines with gifts of cosmetic products!!
    Those products look so great!


  3. Great review!!!
    I also think they are so nice gifts with that magazine!
    I would rather cosmetic products than bags 🙂


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