Jelly Magazine Bonus Review

As I said on my previous Japanese magazine freebies post, another Japanese magazine, Jelly was gave a cosmetics bonuses, and the level of freebies we’ve got is getting higher because they made collaboration with one of very popular neo-gal brand Emoda, perfect collaboration since Jelly itself is one of ‘mature’ gal magazine in Japan. FYI, the cosmetic line of Emoda is on the brand range price list a.k.a not cheap at all, so got 4 items of Emoda cosmetics from 780 JPY magazine (cheaper than SPRiNG one!) is like a gift from heaven. ok JK

For this month edition, they use K-Pop Idol group as their cover, but I have no idea who are they so I will skip the cover topic and go straight away with the cosmetics review lol. Like SPRiNG magazine freebies, they came in regular size and decent quality. Two nail polish, one lipgloss, and one eye-lip-cheeks cream.
The lipgloss cames in pretty red/orange shade, remind me of watermelon and seems prefect for summer season. No pigmented at all, and as I predicted, no color shown in my dark lips, but it give a nice accent if I put above my red matte lipstick, so still wearable. Very oily and has fruity scent with slight of petroleum smeel.
Next is nail polish that came in two shades, turquoise and clear with blue glitter/sprinkles. The consistency of the turquoise on is quite watery as you can see it spills on the magz 🙁 so you need at least two layers for the coverage, while the clear one is more thick.
The eye-lip-cheeks cream also come in two shade, clear with glitters and corals with hint of pink that match with my olive skin tones. I considered the clear one as useless tough, except you are a student who prohibited for using any makeup at school.
From above: Lip gloss, eye-lips-cheeks cream coral shade, clear shade
Sorry for the messy nails, just too lazy
They also provided users friendly how-to pages so don’t afraid for being clueless or whatsoever.
My favorite among all of the friebies is the eye-lip-cheeks cream because its looks pretty on my skin tone, especially when I using it on my eyelid. Unfortunately I can’t use the lip gloss because it doesn’t do anything on my lips, not even a single hint of color.
After all, I felt satisfied with this Jelly edition freebies and the also with the magazine because I can use 3 from 4 items they gave, lucky!

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