Lazy Morning Routine

Okay, the reason of why I’m write about this is simply because I obsessed by Into The Gloss ITG Top Shelf/Top Shelfie, and love to spent my precious time to binge over -get ready with me-, or morning routine on YouTube, especially the one produced by Glossier, Urban Outifitters or Milk Cosmetics. Because I wont be ITG Top Self or Top Selfie except a miracle happen, I decided to make it my my self. Like people said, fake it ’till you make it. Yeah.

So, why lazy morning routine? Why not a ‘morning routine’ only?

The reason is because I’m a plain lazy person. Lazy in big, bold upper case characters. LAZY. While others rave about Korean 6-7-10 steps skincare routine, I just cannot. Okay, I know that popular “Beauty is pain” quotes, and I understand that beauty is sacrifice of your money and time but I prefer have extra 15 minutes time to sleep if I have time to spend for doing makeup. Even tough I’m so lazy, I’m insecure enough I need to make my face looks appropriate before I go to an outside world. Also, even lots of people swear that those time consuming routine is awesome, its not for everyone. I had tried once and found that my skin prefer a minimal skincare. Too much products made my skin very oily and ended up with break out and dull skin. Seems my skin is also a lazy ass like me.
After take a morning shower and wash my face with my usual face wash, the first product I put on my face is this Saborino face mask. Saborino maybe sound like a fancy Italian name, but actually it came from “Sabori”, Japanese term for skip from your duty, which is perfect term for a girl? like me. This mask basically have all-in-one  feature from face cleanser+skin care+and primer. Great isn’t it? The only thing you need is put this mask on for a 60 seconds and you can go directly to makeup without doing another skincare steps. For me, I usually leave it more than 60 seconds because I put a Daiso silicon mask(forgot to took the pic) above it and do another chores, like put a lotion on my entire body, steam my clothes, and wear pants(and underwear) on.
Next, I apply a whitening serum from Chifure which claims to reduce dark spot and discoloration. I actually used Kiehl’s one before, but its so expensive so when I run out of the Kiehl’s serum, I’m looking for a cheaper option and bought this item because the beauty magazine said this serum from Chifure is cheap but great. It’s cheap yes, I only pay 1,100 JPY (about 10 USD) for 30ml, but can’t judge about the performance since I just started to using it for least than 2 weeks. 
After the serum, I mixed a Kanebo Allie sunscreen with my favorite Kate BB Cream on my palm to get a sheer tinted moisturized result that will make your skin looks better but still natural. As a lazy girl, I always choose a skincare that can double the job, and this Kanebo Allie not only have SPF 50+PA+++ but also works as a moisturized and face primer. For the BB cream, I love this KATE BB Cream because it has a shade that fit my skin. No more horror stories about too lighter BB Cream shade. Basically, I prefer Japanese brands to Korean brands for the base make up because they have more realistic, wider range shades on yellow base tone not like the Korean’s that usually only have 2 shades in pink base tone and the darker shade is still too light for me. AND NO, don’t say that it will blend with your skin tone, oxidize or whatever, because me never likey the end result of the oxidize make up. 
I’m using Cezanne concealer to cover my blemish and also dark eyes. It does the job, but unfortunately I found it creased under my eyes. Well, I never had any success stories with concealer so I’m okay with it, at least for now hahaha. For eyes I’m using eyeshadow from all Indonesian woman favorite brand Sariayu. I smeared the peachy shade over my lids by finger then applied a little bit of brown shade with the little ball applicator that came with it and using the gold shade as a highliter on my brow bone, nose, and upper lip, with again, my almighty index finger. Then I finnished my base makeup by applied this finishing powder from Cezanne. What I love about this finishing powder that the shades is match perfectly with my skin tone, leave a smooth and matte finish but still looks very natural.
Moving to brow, lash, and cheek & lips, I choose a simple makeup for this step. I only using brow mascara from Visee to divine and tame my wild brow. For eyeliner, I was a liquid eyeliner person, but lately I relied to pencil gel eyeliner, because I need to applied eyeliner in hurry so I can catch the train on time (talk about laziness). This brown pencil gel eyeliner is from Holika Holika, I bought it at In Cheon airport when I had 12 hours transit 4 years ago. This pencil gel eyeliner is the best, easy to use and not smudge at all. I hate pencil gel eyeliner because its always smudge, but not with this one.
This My Lash mascara from Opera is one of the best mascara I’ve ever tried! Not only cheap (only 950 JPY) but also dried quickly (not like Canmake mascara that cheaper but very very wet) and made my invisible eyelashes visible. I remember years a go Opera open a counter in one of department store in my hometown and I bought they 10 steps dial mascara and not too satisfied with the result (and the counters not lasted long too). Last but not least, I currently over this The Body Shop Lip & Cheek tint on Dark Cherry. I read that Emma Watson also using this products on the same shade on her ITG Top Shelf. I also had another shade, Deep Berry too. This product give a natural healthy flush on my lip and cheeks like a chic Parisian woman. Actually, for cheeks, I applied it before put a finishing powder.
For make it simple, the process is put face mask > face serum > applied mix of sunscreen and BB cream > applied concealer, eyeshadow, and finishing powder > then brow, eyeliner, maskara, lip & cheek. The best thing, I only spent about 10 minutes of whole process, including steam my shirt, applied body lotion, and blank stare to the mirror.  For make it fast, I also put all of my morning skin care and makeup on this pretty small box I bought from 100 Yen shop so I don’t spent time looking for a product.
You can see my lashes here
So, after a loooong post, here is the end result. Still me, but in better and fresh appearance. Unfortunately the lip color doesn’t appear in this picture, because I just applied it in thin layer and I have dark lips and the dark side win.
How about you? do you like Korean 10 skincare routine or like me, a lazy girl who prefer too have extra sleep time? (I don’t do any skincare and makeup in weekends except I need to go somewhere :P)
Happy lazy time,

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  1. hmmm, it's may. It's golden week, time to be lazy. 😀

  2. It's Golden Week, and I've became lazier than ever…no need to put makeup yeah!

  3. Dan..produknya aku cuma familiar sama sariayu atuhlah :)))
    Semakin hits ya teh di Negeri Sakura #eaaa

  4. Ah masa gak kenal sama The Body Shop hehehehe…
    Sippo Nesa XD

  5. Many products' brands don't sound familiar to my ears… Except Sari ayu. For my face, I only use facial wash, milk cleanser, toner, moisturizer and then loose powder. As simple as that. for my lips only lip balm, sometimes lip balm + lipstick. Never more than those ^^

  6. Lovely post and you are so beautiful!!!!
    I think your products are always beautiful and clean!
    This week, I will make a routine for lazy morning box 🙂


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