Run from Reality at Tokyo Disney Sea Pt.2

Tokyo Disney Sea Ship
Pretty night light
*Caution! Pics heavy
I’m back with the part 2 of our run from reality journey at Tokyo Disney Sea yay!
After a low pace attraction like the Disney show and Venetian Gondolas, we want to rise up our adrenaline. Actually, we really want to ride Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror attraction, but both of the attractions are really popular so the waiting line is very very long and we already desperately tired and hungry.

After checking the map, we decided to have an early dinner at Horizon Bay Restaurant in Port Discovery area. We walked to American Waterfront area to catches Disney Electric Railway that can brought us to Port Discovery Area without hassle because there’ll be a “The Year of Wishes” Greeting Drive parade on that time.

American Waterfront Area
The pretty Victorian architecture of American Waterfront Area
Disney Electric Railway
The train has come!
"The Year of Wishes" Greeting Drive
“The Year of Wishes” Greeting Drive
The dinner it self was so so, and the beef is little bit overcooked. The sun already down after we finished our food and we rushed to Lost River Delta area to line up for Indiana Jones attraction. The line it self wasn’t as crazy as the morning, now we ‘only’ need to waited for 190 minutes for the ride. Those attraction in Disney Sea (and other Themed Park) gave me a harsh life lesson;

Life is struggles. Sometimes you must waited for more than 190 minutes just for 3 minutes ride, and someone with free pass ticket will cut your line.

The ride it self is worth to wait actually, even though it felt so short after lined up for a long time.

Indiana Jones
Inside the cave of Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones2
The pretty blue crystal
Indiana Jones3
Nice details on our way

We still had time before we can use our free pass ticket for Tower of Terror, so we walking around the area of park that we haven’t visited before, like Arabian Coast and Mermaid Lagoon, then down to the Mysterious Island area to reach Tower of Terror attraction in American Waterfront.

Lost River Delta
I still have no idea why the fire still lit above the water
Arabian Coast Disney Sea
Arabian Coast area
Arabian Coast Disney Sea
Sinbad palace
Little Mermaid
Ariel, my spirit Disney Princess
Little Mermaid2
King Triton that just like my Dad 😛
Promotheous Mt. at night

Save the best for the last! Maybe it’s a perfect words to explain my thought over Tower of Terror. The waiting line for the attraction it self is same with Indiana Jones one, about 190 minutes, but we waited for only 30-45 minutes because we had the magic free pass card on our hand hehehe. Tower of Terror gave me the thrilled feeling I hadn’t felt for a long time, and the best part is when the ride stopped at the peak and gave you a whole Disney Sea view from the window before drop you to the floor. I wish I can ride the attraction for the 2nd time, but A swore he won’t ride Tower of Terror anymore LOL.

Tower of Terror and S.S Colombia
Tower of Terror and S.S Colombia
Tower of Terror
One of details from Tower of Terror

 We didn’t have enough time to explore another area in the park, but we took a peek into a Toy Story’s Toyville Trolley Park before leave the park because we should going home asap or we die in office next day. Our adventure ended at Maihama St. and after a quick goodbye, both of us back to the reality again.

Toyville Trolley Park
Toyville Trolley Park
Toyville Trolley Park2
Inside the arcade
So far, I love Tokyo Disney Sea. Dubbed as adult Disney Theme Park, the ride and attraction isn’t that thrilled or scary in my opinion, but still fun. I love the architecture and also can’t wait to try another ride/attraction I haven’t tried yet like “Journey to the Center of the Earth” or “Ragging Spirit”. I didn’t bought lots of souvenir since I come only for the ride  but I must admit they have lots of cute, Disney Resort item that cute even though it’s little bit overpriced (I talk to you, Takara-Tomy Disney transport limited edition!).
Tokyo Disney Sea Night
So long Disney Sea!
Tips if you want to visited Tokyo Disney Sea:
  • Come early morning, so you have more time to ride the attraction you want.
  • Wearing something simple yet comfortable. Or, get wild and do some Disney cosplay (I saw lots of teenager dress up like a Disney princess lolita here)
  • Ask for the maps, that including lots of language, including English and Bahasa Indonesia. You not only can use it to looking for the ride/shop/restaurant/show schedule but also as a sheet while you waiting for the show. Clean butt ladies…
  • Download the apps that can show you the line up time for each ride. I was using “TDR Wait Me Check” because it covered all ride in Tokyo Disney Resort, reliable and have lots of language options including Bahasa Indonesia. Use this kind of app can help you to make plan and decided what ride you want to line up, what’s next ride you must try, and no, it isn’t sponsored post.
  • If you have very strict rules or diet regarding foods, better prepare your own meals from home/hotel. For example, no restaurant with Halal label here so if you aren’t sure, please bring your own meal or you will getting hungry all day. Which is not good because you’ll need energy for walk the park and ride attractions.
It’s a long post, but I hope this will help all of you that want to visit Tokyo Disney Sea. If you have favorite themed park, please share on the comment box! See ya…

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  1. *tandain buat pas ke disneyland

  2. Lovely report about Disney Sea!
    I have been there 20 years ago!!
    Your photos are more beautiful than my memories ♡


  3. aku udah decide, kayaknya kalo aku beneran mau main ke disney, mendingan beli aja lah magic pass card nya ;p.. ga kuat kalo hrs antri lama bener begitu ;p.. gpp deh lebih mahal, yg ptg bisa puas dan ga capek 😀

  4. Halo mbak Fanny, maaf baru balas. Untuk TDS (dan mungkin TDL) pass cardnya gratis, nggak beli kayak di tempat lain. Cuma tetep mesti ngantri buat ngambil passcard dan setelah ambil passcard buat satu wahana kita mesti nunggu 2 jam baru bisa ngantri buat pass card yang lainnya 🙂 Plus di pass cardnya udah ditulis jam pemakaian, jadi kita nggak bisa asal pake.

  5. Thank you Akiko-san!
    Please come to TDS again 🙂

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