My Spring Style Essential: Floral Print and Casual Pants

My spring ultimate style

It’s already May, and in lots of four seasons country, May means Spring yay!! I live in equator area, so there’s no spring here since we only have two seasons but! May-June is beginning of Dry Season. For me, dry season is equal with spring, because most of flowers bloom in dry season, and I also can throw my sweater and change it into more light and colorful clothes 🙂 *clap hands*

For me, spring is identical with flower, and I always be the fans of floral prints, that’s why for me, spring is the time for floral prints. I just started wearing hijab at November last year, so my usual mini flowery dress must change into something more modest and can covered my entire body. My choice for this year Spring is light floral camisole and white long sleeves turtleneck combine with black palazzo pants. Classic black leather drawstring bag and laced up flats shoes completed the look while pretty charm bracelets in pastel color (which is so spring) and phone case in floral prints give a nice accent on your look. For the hijab, I choose large shawl so I can covered my head and bust perfectly. Add some pretty fuchia lipstick and floral scent perfume (mine is Anna Sui La Boheme) then voila! I ready to go everywhere!

While I always obsessed with floral print, this year I also develop new obsession to a wide pants. I found this site called Betabrand which provided wide range selection of simple yet unique fashion. They not only selling item, but they also have articles about fashion. You can search anything for your spring fashion there. Like I said before, I being obsessed with wide pants lately, and I’m looking for a pants that comfortable yet stylish and I found they casual pants has lots of variety and style 🙂 I’m falling love with their Palazzo Dress Pant Yoga Pants and got amazed by their wide range size, started from X-Small Petite(me!) until XX-Large Long. It’s a good thing because until now, it’s hard for me to find a perfect size of pants. You can check their casual pants selection here, and choose the perfect pair of pants for your spring style. Betabrand also has a man selection, which mean you not only can shop for your self, you can shop for your man/ your family too.

So, that’s my Spring style selection, how about you?

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  1. Wow I love also floral print!!!
    This summer I am also craving for palazzo pants, still looking for the right ones though.
    Nice picks yu got there!


  2. Floral print is everlasting right ;)?
    Yeah for palazzo pants because it's look so comfy.

  3. So elegant selection♡
    I use ANNA SUI mirror and brush every morning!


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