Mini Review: Japan Cosmetics Haul

Japan cosmetics haul and review May 2016
From left to right: Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil, Canmake Your Lip Only No. 02 &03 , Canmake Liptint Syrup No. 02&03, Canmake Cream Cheek No. 5, Daiso Haruhime Large Powder Brush, Daiso Haruhime Blush Brush.
Hi! Happy End of May (and happy payday for me :P)!!
I always have a soft spot for everything labeled as “made in Japan”, especially their cosmetics. Not only because they have best formula with good price, they always took their packaging seriously. Around April this year, my boss back to his country for a while, and since his home country is Japan, I saw an opportunity to bought some of my cosmetics wish list via my boss, so I can save lots for tax and shipping fee lol. There’s some hit and miss since I didn’t bought by my self ( I actually planned to buy online and borrow his Japan address, but he insisted to asked his daughter to directly bought my list), but I’m very happy and grateful for having such a very nice and sweet old man as my boss. So far the product I bought is okay even though there some item has been wrong or not look good on me. Long story short, lets take a look!

Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil
+My holy grail! It’s cleans makeup perfectly and very gentle on my skin.
Need to rinse by a warm water. Not every bathroom in Indonesia have warm water on tap, so it’s little bit troublesome.
Canmake Your lip only Gloss No. 02 
+My least favorite, I actually asked for the black one but got this glittery one. Smell goods, not sticky and make your lips looks plumper.
Glitter! I’m not a glittery stuff fan. The color is too subtle on my dark lip.
Canmake Your lip only Gloss No.03
+Smell goods, not sticky at all, make your lips look plumper, and the color pay off is okay, visible on my dark lip.
Too oily!

Canmake liptint Syrup No. 02 and 03
+Not sticky. smell goods and have pretty subtle red color, perfect if you like natural or no makeup makeup. In my opinion, this lipgloss will look nice on someone with fair skin and pale lips (because its look great on every Japanese youtuber I saw for the review).
Again, too oily. Not bold enough for a bold lips fan like me. Different with Western or Korean liptint which have watery texture.
Canmake Lip&Cheek Gel No. 01 and 03
+Give your cheek natural color. Perfect for ofero-makeup. 
To dry for my lips. The color is too sheen and too oily even on my dry skin. Big no for someone with oily face.
Canmake Cream cheek No. 05 
+This also part of #salahbeli (miss-bought) and I admit I’m very dissapointed at the beginning because orange always looks awful on me, but actually, this is the best cheek product I ever had! The color blend very well on my yellow/olive skin, give a natural blush color, after sport effect.
The glitter is quite large. 
Daiso Haruhime Large Powder Brush
+The brush is very soft, felt like very expensive brush, even the price just about $2.
-Because the brush is too soft, its cannot pull the compact powder.

Daiso Haruhime Blush Brush
+Very soft and come in compact size. Super Cheap (about $1)
-Nothing for me. Very recommended!
That’s my Japanese cosmetics haul. Do you have addiction with certain country(s) beauty brand? Which country and why? Tell me on the comment !

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  1. Kose is my favorite! Aku biasanya pake air kamar mandi biasa pokoknya dibilas haha. Aku agak ga suka aja sama air hangat yg kadang bikin pori-pori kelihatan

  2. Kose memang paling nampol diantara semua cleansing oil yang pernah saya coba 🙂 kalau saya lebih suka pakai air anget sih, soalnya kalau pakai air dingin rasanya kurang luruh minyaknya hehe.

  3. Ahhh, kemasannyaaa, cute overload 😱😱😱😱
    Apalagi canmake yaa.. Tapi kadang dikira temenku makeup abal, mungkin karena gak tau brandnya kali ya 😂😂😂

  4. aaaaaawwrrr pngen ngarungin canmake nya #bawakabur XD hahhah

  5. Hahaha…lucu banget ya Canmakenya XD berasa jadi princess :3

  6. Jepang itu bisa banget bikin packanging yang imut-imut… colokan chargeran aja lucu banget gitu *oot*

    Sedih banget Canmake yang super oke itu dianggap makeup abal iks…

  7. Japan cosmetics always consider their packaging right, so pretty and cute! Also you're so lucky you can ask your boss to buy it for you first 🙂




  8. I think Japanese very detail in every aspect of their product, functional yet visual 😀

    Yes, I'm so lucky indeed hehe

  9. DAMN, your boss is so damn nice.
    ahahahaaa, please give me one #lho.

    yes yes, Japan always consider their package, but sometimes i too much in my opinion, especially when it for teenager one, hahahaha.
    But still japan is heaven of make up.

  10. nice review! Canmake packagingnya lucu lucu bangettttt selalu sukses bikin ngelirik beberapa detik tiap kali ngelewatin counternya haha. btw, blush brushnya murah banget, hasilnya gimana tuuh?

    XOXO, The Rainbow Days

  11. Hey, lovely blog!
    Wanna follow each other??
    Let me know if you want because i want it too 🙂 Leave a comment on my blog and I'll follow you directly, don't forget to follow mine
    xoxo, Sylvi Gautama
    Sylvi Says Hello & sylviaodilia IG

  12. Awww, everything is so lovely!

  13. Love this amazing blog, great post, and nice items, truly inspiring, I might try one of the product soon, thank you for sharing!!!


  14. Thank you 🙂 Hope you like the product too

  15. Memang nggak tahan ya tiap liat packagingnya, cakep-cakep soalnya XD
    Blush brushnya emang murah tapi hasilnya OK lho, bulunya lembut banget lagi, berasa pake brush mahal 😉

  16. Aaaak aku di-comment sama Mbak Bule XD

    He's very nice old-man indeed he love to traktir us makan haha.
    Yup, sometimes Japanese product packaging is overly cute, but there's also the classy and sleek packaging too.
    Japan is soooo heaven I miss their drug store so much.

  17. They are very beautiful!!!
    But I have never seen all cosmetics.
    There are maybe in near shop.


  18. ahhhhhhh, asli mupeng berat pas lihat foto-fotonya *p* #ngiler

    apalagi yang dari canmake :(((( XD

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