OOTD: Pretty in Red

red hijab dress with sunnies ootd

Hi! Hello! Halo! Hola!
Still in mood of vacation even tough it’s almost a month since my company trip and now everyday is raining. It’s almost May but the rain haven’t stop yet. People on talk about el Nino effect that ruins the ‘season schedule’ and also our body. But! No time for being gloomy because you can set your mood by wearing bright, outstanding color of clothes.

ootd red hijab dress
I used to be monochromatic person but after I wearing hijab, I started to wearing lots of pastel and bright color. I’m kind of tomboy before, but lately I enjoyed wearing dress. I found that dress is very easy, simple, and more relaxing than a tight pants. My latest favorite is loose dress made from knitted fabric because its very comfortable and make you easy to move. My mom bought me a dark red dress and for a practical reason, I brought it for my vacation. Unexpectedly, dark red looks good on me (or at least, I think) and give a mature vibe. I tough I’m a socialite for a second ;P

Have you ever wearing something you usually don’t wear and it’s turned good?
Share on the comment box below, and happy early Mayday *(^o^)/*

Dress: Indefini by Sophie Martin Paris

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  1. Hi dear, been a while. Your red dress was an eye catcher!!
    I do miss to have holiday again, unfortunately still cannot go on with the plans yet. I envy you!!


  2. Hi Kakak šŸ˜€
    Well, this kind of holiday just happen once in a year and I spent my other holiday just sleep and playing game at home haha

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