Haul and Mini Review : Bandung Beauty Expo 2016

Hello J

Around a month ago I went to beauty expo held in my hometown,
Bandung. I’m looking for some Japanese and Indonesian local brands, but
unfortunately this year just only one Japanese brand and one Indonesian local
brand I looking for had their booth in the expo. Even I didn’t found the
brand I’m looking for I’m quite satisfied with the exhibition because I brought
lots of good product and freebies ;). Maybe it’s too little too late, but I want to share my haul and mini review for all the stuff I got at the expo.

After you registered yourself at the information booth, they
gave you a pretty pink goodies bag filled with lots of freebies. The freebies came
from Pocari Sweat and Rohto Laboratories. At first I don’t understand why
Pocari Sweat sponsored (and have a booth) beauty expo, I mean Pocari Sweat is
identical with sports, not beauty. Turned up Pocari Sweat just released their new
collagen ionated drink, kind of mix between sports and beauty. Other freebies
like samples size of CC cream & Hadalabo set plus a full size of Oxy facial
foam & Selsun Shampoo came from Rohto. Not only goodies bag, most of the booth will give you
freebies with or without any purchase. My best freebies came from KAY Collection, in addition of 20% discount and more for all item, they also give free
Vitacreme B12 serum anti-age  for any Vitacreme B12 purchase. I bought
Vitacream B12 Day Cream with SPF 30 around IDR 215.200,- ($20) after discount and got  $25 valued serum for free. Lucky 😉
So, what kind of stuff I brought from the expo? Let’s take a look!
freebies hadalabo
From above: Hadalabo Lotion Set Mini Travel Size, Selsun Shampoo (Anti Dandruff), Pocari Sweat Ionessence, Oxy Whitening Smooth Facial Wash, Hadalabo CC Cream in Light and Medium sample size.
Start from a freebies, I almost didn’t tried anything from goodie
bag because:
 1. For Hadalabo skincare set and cc cream, I already tried the
full size and my skin dislike it L Their CC Cream is pretty good and has yellow based, but my skin turned itchy after couples day.
2. Selsun Anti Dandruff Shampoo had left a bad taste on my mouth (or actually, on my hair) since I tried their orange bottle version which made my hair dry and coarse. This pink bottle claim to included conditioner in it but I have very sensitive scalp (especially to conditioner) so I don’t have any courage to try it.
3. Oxy, is marketed as a man skin care line so I gave it to my
4. Pocari Sweat Ionessence taste like a regular one but feels little bit slimy
like a (still hot) jelly. I’m that weird I like to drink hot jelly
Then, freebies from all booths I visited, in clockwise:
freebies vitacreme B12
Clockwise: Titania cuticle remover, Ultraderma makeup pouch, Felinz spring water, Biggles hand sanitizer, QL Goat Milk Whitening body scrub, Tiptoes natural soap in Pineapple and Banana, Vitacreme B12 serum Anti-Age 
  • Titania Cuticle Remover: Freebies from KAY Collection booth. Made in Germany. Haven’t tried yet because I’m lazy girl who never spare a time for manicure. Also it’s look scary, I might hurt myself in process.
  • Ultraderma Makeup Pouch: Freebies from Ultraderma Booth for bought their product, add their instagram account and upload a picture at instagram. Spacey enough and has a brush holder, unfortunately its come in white which is a disaster for a slob girl like me. 
  • Felinz Spring Water, 50ml. Forget the booth name but their made lots of ‘look a like’ of international famous product. This one is copy of Avian Thermal Water. Pretty decent but the nozzle is bad because the water particle is too big, make my face totally wet with after rain effect.
  • Biggles Hand Sanitizer. From the same booth as Felinz Spring Water. Remind me of Bath&Body Works hand sanitizer and I must admit, smells really yummy like the Bath&Body Works one.
  • QL Goat Milk Whitening Body Scrub. Freebies from QL booth because I bought mascara. They asked me to choose between soap and lipstick, and I choose this because I’m on lipstick diet at the moment. This is actually body scrub in soap bar shape. I’m okay with the smell, which really smell like a milk, but it could be yay or nay for some people. I like the instant brighten effect on my skin but the salt scrub is too harsh it hurt my skin actually 🙁
  •  Tiptoes Natural Soap in Pineapple and Banana. Got it from Trees Natural Soap booth for bought full size soap and add their instagram account. Tiptoes actually a kiddo line for Trees Natural Soap and I love this natural soap. My skin felt so smooth and its smell like nastar* cookies and banana cake 😛
  • Vitacreme B12 Serum Anti-Age in full size. From KAY Collection booth for bought Vitacreme B12 Day Creme.This one is THE BEST FREEBIES I ever got. Also THE BEST SERUM I ever tried. Non-sticky, fast absorb and made my face instantly brighter. Maybe I must made a different post for this babe.
Then, for the product I bought:
vitacreme B12 haul and review
Above, from left to right :Mois b Time Hair Dry Turban, Felinz Spring Water, Tress Natural Soap, Marck Venus Green tea Hand and Body Lotion, Marck Venus Facial Foam, Beautist two way cake sponge,
Below, from left to right: Baby Smooth Facial Wash Brush, Vitacreme B12 Day Cream, QL Blue Mascara, Ultraderma Advance Scar Formula, Home Snow Crack Heel Cream, Home Snow Day Cream Vienna Sleeping Mask, Vienna Strawberry Souffle Mask, Vienna Purifying Black Mud,
  • Mois B Time Hair Dry Turban: Bought at KAY Collection, 50% discount. Sometimes I wash my hair at morning and I don’t have time to make my hair completely dry before I wearing my hijab. This one is quite good even it doesn’t completely absorb the water on my hair.
  • Felinz Spring Water, 150ml. Same review like the freebies one and since the nozzle is too big, its run out fast. It’s cheap thou, IDR. 30K (around $2) after 10% discount if I don’t wrong.
  • Trees Natural Soap, 100ml. Tress Natural Soap booth. Same as Tiptoes natural soap, this natural soap is very soft and foamy which I like. The diffrence between the Tiptoes line is on the scent. Since Trees line is marketed for adult, the scent is kind of woody and very subtle.
  • Marcks Venus Green tea Hand and Body Lotion. Bought at Marcks booth. Love this body lotion, Not only smells good but it’s absorb very fast and quite hydrated. No sticky feelings at all.
  • Marcks Venus Facial Wash. Again, bought at Marcks booth. Marcks already famous for their face powder (in Indonesia it has same legend reputation as Coty Airspun) but their ‘Venus’ line is also great. This facial wash is my favorite too. The gel is transparent and little bit runny but very foamy. Its also very soft and didn’t give a tight feeling. I will definitely repurchase for this one! 
  • Beautist Two Way Cake Sponge. Bought at KAY Collection. Pretty decent despite being a Japanese brand, and overpriced too even I bought after 50% discount.
  • Baby Smooth Facial Wash Brush. KAY Collection. I dreamed Clarisonic MIA or Foreo Luna but my budget doesn’t allow me. I decided to bought this little manual brush as an alternative and I like the result. The brush is very soft and easy to clean.
  • Vitacreme B12 Day Cream with SPF 30. KAY Collection. Very creamy and little bit greasy but absorb quite fast. Nice on my skin since it didn’t make my skin oily or break out. Has chemical smell but its very subtle and gone after seconds.
  • QL Blue Mascara. I wish this mascara worked on me, since I saw it on my friend and its look very amazing. It has electric bright blue color and make your eyes totally stand out. unfortunately the plastic bristle is too wide and couldn’t reach my short and spare lashes. In result, almost no mascara tint left on my lashes but if you have thick, long lashes, I swear it would be great on you.
  • Ultraderma Advance Scar Formula. on Ultraderma booth. Cheap option from already known scar reduction brand ‘Dermatix’ produced by same factory. Since its cheap option so it just works at acne scars. Haven’t see the result anyway.
  • Home Snow Crack Heel Cream. My heels are in good condition, so I give it to my mother.
  • Home Snow Day Cream. The only reason why I bought this cream is just because this cream remind me of my grandmother. Besides of nostalgic feeling, this cream is very light and moist but when I tried on my face, my face turned itchy. I still used as a hand cream though. 
  • Vienna Face Mask; Sleeping Mask, Strawberry Mask, and Black Mud Mask. The sleeping mask is so so, good for the price (around IDR 6.500,- or  approx. 50 cent/pack) not too moisturized but okay. Strawberry mask also okay but I haven’t tried the Black Mud variant yet.
I’m not good reviewing something but hope everyone can enjoy this ultra long post lol. Do you ever come to beauty expo? What kind of stuff you looking for at beauty expo? Tell me on the comment box 😀
*Nastar : Indonesian dome shaped cookies filled with pineapple jam. Usually appear at Eid Ul-Fitr (Moslem festival after fasting month/Ramadhan). 

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  1. Wuahhh what a haul!! I know nothing aout those brands (except Pocari Sweat). Sometimes some brands are not really worth to try.
    I haven't been to any beauty expo would be a nice experience.


  2. hihihi . . . "Haul" itu Peringatan kematian kalau dalam budaya satu masyarakat pedesaan . . . rasa ada sesuatu koq pake HAUL ya ???

  3. Kalau "Haul" yang ini istilah slang di Bahasa Inggris yang hartinya kurang lebih "Hasil ngeborong" biasanya buat belanjaan gitu bunda 😀

  4. I thought you might be known about Vitacreme B12 since it was Swiss brand.
    *bales komennya telat kelewat m(_ _)m

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