Stellar Steal: Review Sariayu Inspirasi Papua Mascara

review maskara sariayu

Hello! It’s almost a year since my last cosmetics review. This time review is about underrated-but-so-damn-good mascara from Sariayu 2015 Color Trend  “Inspirasi Papua” collection.

Sariayu is one of the prominent cosmetics brand in Indonesia. They offer not only good quality cosmetic with a nice price, the packaging is always awesome and most important, they had ‘HALAL’ label. Known for launching Indonesian culture themed “Color Trend” every year, the collections always worth to buy. For my international readers, please include this brand into your shopping list when you visited Bali Indonesia 🙂

Long story short, let’s start to the quick review!

sariayu mascara halal cosmetic
Left: Ingredients; Right: Halal label from MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) 
  • The packaging. The packaging is the main reason why I bought this mascara. I got this ‘love at the first sight’ when I saw it at cosmetic counter. The tube is very simple and sleek, easy to slips inside almost exploding makeup pouch. The cap is gold while the tube has pretty colorful design. This mascara came from Sariayu 2015 “Inspirasi Papua* (Papua’s Inspiration) collection, so it has Papua’s infamous Heaven Bird as a main character with pretty colorful design of Papua landscape as an accents. Pretty and elegant at the same time 🙂 The box also has same pretty design I’m hesitate to throw it because duh, its soooo pretty  
  • Performance. The performance is beyond expectation. Bought it without proper review ( only found less than 5 review on google), I expect nothing but the performance is great! I used to used mascara from the same brand but the performance is blah. This mascara claim to ‘achieve curl and lengthen effect’ and it does! I have short and spare lashes, but my lashes instantly being longer and curler even I didn’t use eyelash curler. Waterproof and smudge proof? Yup yup yup. Wearing it all day long in hot and humid factory and used for wudhu* twice, it’s still going strong on my lashes without any flakes yay!! It’s also clump free 🙂
  • Brush. I must say that the brush is quite unique. I already seen another mascara with curve brush, but not as this curve and also the bristle is made from brush, not a plastic which is a plus for me. 
  •            Easy to remove. Most of waterproof mascara is
    pain in the ass to remove (L’oreal I’m looking at you). I can completely remove
    this mascara with my Pixy Eye and Lips Makeup remover in two swipes.
  • The Price. It’s only IDR 49.500,- (approx. US$3.5) but the performance is beyond the price. It has similar result with infamous Canmake Gokubuto or Kiss Me mascara and my favorite K-Palette mascara (minus the volumes). at least on me
  • Availability. Sariayu sold in almost everywhere. I got this one at supermarket near my house.
review maskara sariayu result
Right: Without mascara; Left: With mascara
  • No volume. Okay, they doesn’t  claim to give volume effect, but as a woman with short and spare lashes, volume is a must. Hope they improve on volume effect next time *pray*
Repurchase? MAYBE. So far I love the result, but unfortunately it didn’t give my lashes any volume. I guess this mascara will works with persons with long straight lashes but don’t need a volume effect. For a person with spare and short lashes, this mascara isn’t the best.

Is there any woman like me who also have short and spare lashes? What is your favorite mascara? Tell me on the comment box 🙂

*Wudhu:  the practice of ritual washing before daily prayer In Islam

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  1. Very nice and natural effect!

  2. Nice review and I do love the 'love at the first sight' moment… with cosmetics! What a beautiful package and colours. I have the problem with volume too, but currently very rare to wear mascara. Should've wear again!


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