Reborn and Start Over

Hello and even it’s already late, Welcome 2016 🙂

It’s been a long time since my latest post back then in September last year. Around that time, lots of thing happen in my real life. My best best best girlfriend wedding, being sick and stuck, and the most break through, I’m wearing a hijab now, yay! ;).

I don’t have any peculiar reason for wearing a hijab. I now from a long time that it’s a deed for woman in my religion, and voila, at the moment I felt it’s time for me for follow the deed. Most of people around me being surprised with mix reaction, most of them happy while keep asking about where my ‘sexy clothes’ will go. Most hilarious reaction came from my then Japanese Boss. He asked do I do some magic spell to get a man or something haha. My lovely boss(es), they always ask when I will have a boyfriend or marry 😛

Maybe wearing hijab is just a simple change, but it has big impact especially to this blog. This blog started as my personal space turn into fashion related blog with lots of OOTD looks. Since wearing hijab, my style is became more modest (and lazier). I also became more busy with work lately (thanks God I still can pay my bill and debt) so I almost don’t have a proper time to take an OOTD pictures.

After a long time thinking and considering, I decided to back to blogging in this blog with little change in its content. This blog will being more personal, not only talk about fashion but also cosmetics, food recipes, and a little glimpse of my personal life or even a small talk/ discussion.

How about you? do you ever thinking to stop blogging or change your blog content? Is there any change in your life lately? Please tell me on the comment box 🙂

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