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My best friend will married this October and actually, her wedding making me little bit nervous about my future. I’m single and not looking (but accept offers and quotation) but since lots of peoples around me getting married lately, the idea about wedding also struck on my head. I must admit I gasped when I heard how much she spent for her wedding dress. Most of women dream about her wedding dress, wanting to become a beautiful princess on her special day but when she said her wedding dress cost almost $1000, my dream shattered. No way I’ll spend $1000 only for a wedding dress (I’m so stingy frugal I prefer a catering which already include the venue rent/give a free venue rent). Some prefer to rent, but it also out of my option since the rent price it self quite expensive (start from ard $300 in my country) and I have a petite, no bust figure so looking for a fit rental wedding dress is equal to mission impossible.

That’s why I’m so happy when I found that sold
lots of beautiful, cheap wedding dresses on their site. They give you great
discount, free shipment offering and they have many style options. Another plus
is they have lots of color options (not only ordinary white) and wide sizing,
start from US 2-US 26W and they can customized the size if you need to. Can you
imagine have a customized wedding dress under $200?! Yay!! For a people like me
who have special figure but on limited budget, is such a heaven. I’m
falling love with their beach wedding dress collections, so don’t forget to
check their beach wedding dresses too! Then, if you think wedding dress is not
enough and you are shoes fetish like me, you can also shop the wedding shoes on
the same site! Their wedding shoes collections is amazing, I’m drooling right
now :))
So, if you on planning your wedding and still looking for a
beautiful, perfect wedding dress on reasonable (read: cheap) price, go looking
to Good luck 😉
Check ericdress latest wedding dress collection HERE
Check ericdress beach wedding dress collection HERE
Check ericdress wedding shoes collection HERE
It seems my wedding dress dream problem already solved.
Unfortunately I got another problem now, since I realize that I want their
wedding dress badly but I-have-no-man-to-become-my-groom. Okay, I must out from
internet and start to looking for a potential groom haha (just kid).
See ya!!
*This is a sponsored post

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  1. Awesome post, dear! Really inspiring!)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Although I'm married but still fun to look at wedding dresses. Women love wedding dresses! 😀
    No need to worry about Mr. Right, you'll find him on the most unexpectable moments (perhaps while you were on no make up, lazy clothes and sandals! :D) I am certain you'll find him, you might be petite but with big heart 😉


  3. Thank you Kak Ika…I'm blushing and grinning on my table right know 😀
    Let's sing one of my favorite Snow White song, "Someday prince will come, some day my prince will cooome~…"

  4. Cool look! Have a nice day 🙂

    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts!

  5. Such elegant dresses – love them! 🙂 x

    The Belle Narrative

  6. Congratulations on your friend's marriage♡♡
    The wedding item is always beautiful and cute..!
    You are so cute!!
    A prince will appear sometime♡


  7. Wow, i love these dresses that you posted. And the fact that you found some for $200. That's crazy.

    Duty Free Dame | Bloglovin

  8. Thank you Akiko-san ♡
    *praying more intense :P*

  9. Thank you♡
    Yeah, it's crazy 🙂

  10. Thanks for stop by :))
    Sure, I'll visit yours♡

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