Yellow Sunshine

I love bright colors. My desk is full with colorful stuff. Shocking pink folder, bright blue and mint color binders, purple name card holder, you name it. I also love to wearing bright color on my lips because for me bright lipstick could give you a fresh, polished look without too much effort (lazy girl here). My latest favorite is a matte, fuchsia lipstick which give me a fresh, typically Disney’s villain face instantly.

Unfortunately, I don’t have too much courage to wear something bright for my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are black, white, brown, or dark navy. I always bought black bag and had unhealthy obsession with black shoes, but one day I found this shirt on sale rack. The color is mustard yellow with bright pink and purple flower patterns. I wasn’t sure about this shirt at the first time, but I like the design and it’s fit me well (I have petite figure so it’s hard to find the perfect size) so I bought it at the end. Unexpectedly, this shirt became my favorite! For the leather skirt, I actually remake 90’s leather dress, cut the excess length and sew the waist part. It’s little bit sloppy but it’s okay I guess 😛

Last but not least, I’m wearing my favorite fuchsia lipstick paired with shocking pink earrings my auntie gave to me and black strapped pointed shoes. Black shoes and leather skirt made the shirt stand out, like the evening sunshine 🙂



shirt: Miss Selfridge//Skirt: Remake //Shoes: Catwalk
Bracelets: Payless//Earrings: No Brand

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  1. thank you very much for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? 😉

  2. This is super cute! I really like you in yellow, so bravo for branching out 😉 XO
    -Lauren Blair

  3. Thank you Lauren! I never realized that yellow is actually very nice color :))

  4. Sure! Just followed your blog :))

  5. You look amazing in yellow! I feel ya, I usually wear black and white too but color can be so flattering and fun!


  6. Thank you ♡
    Yes, black and white always gonna be my savior, but sometimes put some color could be make our day more brighter :))

  7. That's a lovely shirt. You should experiment with bright colors, they suit you! 😉


  8. Hi,Padma♡
    Such a cute post!
    I like bright colors, especially pink!
    This yellow shirt is great and lovely!
    You suit it and you're stunning♡

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Looks wonderful! Yellow suits you really nice 🙂

    lovely Greetings 🙂

  10. Thank you :)) Yeah, I think I should play with more color :)) Used to felt inferior about my skin tone, but tan rocks!! haha

  11. Thanks :)) Yes, yellow is nice color actually :))

  12. Hi Akiko :))
    Thanks for your lovely comment♡
    I love pink too!! Especially bright, shocking pink 😀

    Have a lovely Golden Week holidays too Akiko♡

  13. Your blouse is absolutely amazing. xo


  14. such a pretty blouse and the color suits you so well!

  15. This yellow is such a beautiful color! it looks so cute on you~~

  16. thank you very much for visiting me, would you like to follow each other? 😉

  17. You should wear yellow more often it's suits you perfectly. Love the complete outfit from head to toe. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  18. Aww, super cute outfit! I love the pop of color from the mustard shirt! But I totally understand how you feel. Most of my wardrobe is also darker, more neutral tones haha.

    (hehe I see my sister commented above!)
    Steph | Opal & Opal

  19. I always thought that bright color is tricky 😛
    It's cool to share blog with your sister :)) I wish I had a sister (or two) so I can do lot of things together but I just have brothers (no complain haha)

  20. Your welcome ♡ Thanks for visited my blog too 😀
    Already followed your blog :))

  21. these are really beautiful and you have such cool style!

    danielle | avec danielle

  22. Thank you so much for dropping by my place and leaving such a nice comment. Following back on GFC Please keep in touch.

  23. Thanks for following back Lenya!! Sure, let's keep in touch ^^

  24. Thanks Isidora ^^
    Have a nice day too

  25. Thanks Alejandra ^^
    Happy nice weekend♡

  26. thank you very much for visiting me, I followed you via instagram, GFC and bloglovin 😉

  27. Thanks Charmeuse♡
    Already followed you at GFC and bloglovin :)) But unfortunately I couldn't find your instagram

  28. Thank you :)) Black is the best! haha

  29. I love your shoes! I don't really wear bright clothing since I love simple styles~ but colours do spice up lives. I've just followed you, would be great if you can drop by my site and follow me back 🙂


  30. I love your Shirt!! I just followed your blog
    would you like to follow each other? xx

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