Stripped: Monochrome Boyish

Sorry for the lazy tittle.
So, here the sequel post from my last post. Last time, I tried too hard to be as cute as Japanese girl in Larme style, and I realized that I’m far from those ‘cute’ stereotype, or like June said, ” More Lou than Audrey”. Yeah, more Lou than Audrey, more Ashley (Simpson) than Jessica (Simpson), more Rihanna than Beyonce, more Meisa (Kuroki) than Maki (Horikita). I don’t know about the Kadarshian since I don’t follow their show, but maybe you got the idea 😀

This kind of style, in fact, is my ordinary style. Black tight jeans is my daily weapon. It almost never wrong and can make me feeling stylish in a minute. So for now, I will keep my wildest fantasy to act and dressed ultra cute in locked box, but probably someday I will post my picture in baby pink dress with floral pattern hehehe. SUPRISE!!! (and yes, I have that kind of dress)



Tops; Uniqlo//Pants: Zara TRF//Bag: Bebe//Shoes: Catwalk
Accesories: PaylessHat: Forever21
Photos by June Paski

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  1. such a cute monochrome look. love the stripes! 🙂

    Metallic Paws

  2. Hi,Padma!
    Your styling is great!
    You suit monochrome look.I'm jealous!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I am so happy.


  3. Thank you! Stripes never wrong rite :))

  4. Hi Ms. Akiko! (Is okay to call you by name?)
    Thank you. I'm not good with color to be honest, so I usually only wear monochrome tone haha.

    Thanks for your comment and also thanks for add me on instagram :))
    Love your illustrations❤


  5. Thank you for your comment!
    Sure,call me akiko!
    Ohh really? but I love your look♡
    I will visit your blog again!
    And sorry I commented on your post twice..


  6. Thanks Akiko 🙂
    I love your blog too♡
    It's okay, feel free to visit :))

  7. That is the nice look. First time visiting your blog 🙂


  8. Thank you :))

    Thanks for visiting my blog♥

  9. Thank you :))

    Thanks for visiting my blog♥

  10. nice look ! i love it !
    kisses from dimitris xx

  11. Hi dear! You have a ovely blog, I really like it:)
    I'm following you now, so keep in touch!
    Happy weekend

  12. Thank you♥

    Following back your blog :))

  13. This is so cute!! Classic look 🙂
    -Lauren Blair

  14. Thank you ♡Yes, classic never wrong rite? :))

  15. That is definitely more my style too. Rihanna is one of my style icons! I really love that bag!


  16. Yeah, Riri always have a great style! Thank you :))

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