Worth to Splurge : Shu Uemura Poreraser UV Under Base Mousse

Long time no see~ Forgive my laziness for neglecting this blog for more than a month.
Today I want to make some quick review (because I’m bad at words) about my current HG make up base *drums rolls*

Shu Uemura Poreraser UV Under Base Mousse in Beige

The Super Base!

Inside the cap
The ‘How To’ and “Precaution” in Japanese. Already throw the plastic seal with English translation, sorry 🙁
  • Mattifying my face. The only product that make my face oil free, even after I clean and wash my face. Keep my face supple and not drying at all. In fact, I never blotting my face again.
  • Contain SPF 35 PA+++. Perfect for a lazy girl.
  • No break out. Sometimes I’m forgot to clean my face before sleep, but no angry acne(s).
  • Subtle color. This base came with two shade, PINK and BEIGE. I choose Beige since I have warm, tanned skin. At first it seems more lighter than my skin, but the color will fade after you spread and blending it.
softy mouse :))
Aaand it’s gone~
  • The price! It’s E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E. I paid IDR 297.000,00 (about USD 22.00) for a tiny, 20gr travel size bottle. The regular one cost around IDR 550.000,00 (about USD 43.00) for 50gr. The original Japan price is 3800 Yen.
  • Didn’t erased my pore. Probably because it suggest to use a sponge/beauty blender to get a flawless finish, but I found it’s made the oil control power decreased so I prefer applied by finger.
  • This product seems to be discontinued. Today I checked Shu Uemura Japan website and the only base foam who still exist are the TSUYA and Classic one. Seems they changed this lovely product to the CC Under Base one. Meh. Hope those item great too.
Yes, this product is Worth to Splurge! The price is so expensive maybe I need to sold my kidney for buy it, but it’s OK haha. In other side, this product seems discontinued because I couldn’t found it on Shu Uemura Japan website. If that happened, I probably will give their CC Under Base try.
Hope my quick review help *even just a little bit.
Must back to work~ Bye bye

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  1. it's look really amazing primer, I really want try thiiiiiiis >.<

  2. Yes it does 🙂 You should try it, sadly it seems discontinued and replace by a CC Base one 🙁

  3. It's a nice review. I didn't realize that you are Indonesian at the beginning. I am also an Indonesian, but live in Switzerland almost 9 years 🙂
    I miss to read the Indonesian style blogger such as the phrase: sell the kidney 😀
    Good job, keep on blogging!


  4. Thanks, actually I'm not too good to reviewing something 🙂
    I didn't realized that you are Indonesian too! I always love to know about Indonesian who living aboard, such an inspiration. I never been in Europe, but I would like to visit Switzerland someday♡ Chocolate Paradise!!
    Also thanks a lot for your encouraging words 😀 I wish someday I will have a interesting blog like yours ^^

    Haha, well, Indonesian will sell the kidney for almost everything 😛


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