Project Pan (2015 Cosmetics and Skin Care Diet Programs)

My dresser. Could you count how many body lotion(&cream) and hand cream I had?

Today I just found out about something called ‘Project Pan’ when I did some blog walking (I know I’m so late). This year I want to control my impulse-compulsive buying behavior and I think ‘Project Pan’ is one solution for my problem (finger crossed).

Simple explanation about ‘Project Pan’; this project is about to use the cosmetics or/and skin care you have until it hit the pan/became an empty bottle while avoid buying more cosmetics or/and skin care except the product you really need to buy.

I have tons of make up and skin care product and actually just using only some of those products. The other? they wait on the rack and became dust collectors. I know it’s about mental and psychology problem and sometimes I getting jelly with my friend who don’t have any obsession with make up, skincare, and shoes. Like, she just have two lipstick, one mascara, one eyeliner, one compact powder *she even never bothered about BB or CC cream* and just have 3 pairs of shoes and live happily ever after. I know that actually buying make up, skin care or shoes just give you a temporary happiness and at the end of day you just regretted your decision.

I have 25 lip products in this picture. and actually have more…

So, start from today (after an online shopping to buy face primer and brow mascara; but I swear I need them because my primer and brow mascara almost meet their end) I will start this project and will *I hope* update my progress regularly on this blog and my tumblr.
Wish me luck!!



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  1. Good luck with this project!

    I used to be like you up until a few years ago.

    I now use all of my products until they empty and my quality of life has improved drastically muahhaahaw!

    And, thanks again for stopping by my site!


  2. That's great that you're starting this! You've inspired me to look back into my own collection and work on minimizing it. 😀

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