Food and Friendship

We loved each other! Yeay 両思い<3

I tried to make un-cheesy blog title, but I’m hopeless, so excuse my lack of senses blog title and let’s move to the post (which is also cheesy :P)

I spent most of my New Year holiday by lying in bed, playing games on PC (The Sims 2 FTW), and cooked something when I’m in a good mood, but at Saturday I decided to move my butt and went to Mall to met on of my friend, Mae (from Maemunah :P)

I knew Mae at the first day(?) of High School. She became my desk-mate (in Indonesia, one desk is
for two student) after her desk-mate and mine want to swap desk-mate. I remember that our first conversation is about The Sims (yeah) and then we realized even we looked so different we have lots of similarities. We became totally close and she probably first person that I called best friend (after a conversation in McDonald about friendship; both of us disbelieved something called best friend). We so closed that we always together, hug and kiss (on cheek!!) and everybody thought that we are couple haha. Of course there are up and down in friendship, we had some fight and not talking to each other for months but we always back together. we joked that I must find a man like her and she must find a man like me. Lucky she had met a man like me, but I will get a headache if I meet a man like her lol.

We already know about each-other for more than 10 years, but even after 10 years, I always think that our feeling is still same. Of course we changed, physical and mentally but we still the same person and we can talk about the event that occur 9 or 10 years ago like it happened last week.

So, we met at mall for some food and chit-chat. I want to eat udon but she want to eat sushi, so we start our day by ate udon and end our day with some delicious sushi (plus sashimi and gyouza).
We talk about our job, past-present-and future, marriage (she will going marry this November), and gossiping about other (yes, woman :P)

Talk about the food, we ate udon at Marugame which had almost same concept with the usual Udon counter at Japanese food-court except they  just only have one size for the bowl, not three (小smallー中mediumー大large). They also serve an Indonesia super hot chili a ka cabe rawit because we, Indonesian, cannot eat without spicy taste on our mouth. The soup is similar with Japanese udon and delicious even sometimes the udon is over-cooked. After all, liked it (^o^)d

zaaa Udons!! sorry for the blur pic 🙁

After some window shopping (and buying something) we became hungry so we went to Sushi Tei, popular sushi restaurant chain. We ordered some sushi-set I forgot the name, tako (octopus) sashimi and tori(chiken) gyouza just because I’m tako and gyouza maniac. The sushi was good and I always love Sushi Tei tori-gyouza, but the tako sashimi is so-so. Not so fresh, but it’s hard to find a fresh sea dish if you living in mountain so I can’t complaint.

Sushi and friends. Again, sorry for bad pic, I got sushi hang-over

We already made a schedule to meet again this Sunday with other two and hope it will be a great gathering 🙂
Before closing, here my ootd :)) *Don’t look at my face, look at my shoes hahaha*

Look at my shoes 

See ya!!



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