2015 aaaand….

Happy New Year 2015 *(^o^)/*

So, what’s going on in 2014?
I realized that I spent lots of time in 2014 for work haha, like everybody else, but I also learned how to slow my pace and loose my tense just a little. I finally understood that you can still have a leisure even you had lots of thing to be done. Like, after work for more than 2 year without took my annual leave, I took one day leave for watching Perfume (my favorite Japanese artist ever) concert in Singapore. 
In other side, I felt there is some declined in my work quality, so I decided to work more seriously (but in more relaxed way) this year.

And about  2015 resolution…

Be More Awesome than last year…
in every aspect of my life 🙂
I had written loooong 2015 resolution before I found that ‘Be More Awesome than last year,” words, and I got my A-ha! moment. Yes, the point is, be better than last year, be more awesome, fabulous, and stunning. 
Be more Awesome in work.
Get more Awesome paycheck (hahaha)
Make more Awesome blog post.
Build Awesome personality and appearance  
Dress up more Awesome
Have more Awesome life
Have more Awesome English and Japanese language skills (I’m bad I know…)
Have more Awesome make up and shoes collection (Yep, greedy)
So, my resolution and goal for 2015 simply *just* to be more AWESOME in every aspect…
What about yours? 😉

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