(Journey) Japan Part 1 : Overview

Hello from tropical island :))

It’s already December again, which mean Winter already started on the north part of Earth.
Talk about winter, it’s made me remember about my first winter in Japan almost two years ago.

My first snow!YAY!

So, two years ago I got an opportunity to visit Japan in winter for work training. The factory for training located in Niigata prefecture, but I also had opportunities to visit Tokyo twice and also Osaka.

My first trip to Tokyo was to met my University friends and my second trip was for seminar while my trip to Osaka was to visited my company head office. I used train for my trips to Tokyo, but when I went to Osaka I used plane because travel by train is took more time.

At my first trip to Tokyo, I visited Akihabara, Shibuya, Odaiba and Tokyo Tower at my first day. Then I went to Shibuya (again) and Harajuku at the second day. My second trip is more formal since I went with this nice old man called Mano-san and we went to Shinjuku and Asakusa, visited Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa Temple.

Tokyo Station
Akihabara~sorry no AKB48 members in this picture
Our lovely pet, Hachiko
Odaiba at night
Tokyo Tower
Kawaii Takeshita Doori

My trip to Osaka actually was a business trip, but my boss and colleagues are very nice. They brought me to nice Indonesian restaurant and Universal Japan Studio.

Come on, we need to took our pic in front of Universal Studio Globe right?

Then, in Niigata, my host family take me to the beach and a beautifull -literally-swan lake in Niigata rural area which gave a different vibe compared to Tokyo and Osaka.

Swan Lake. Ugly duckling is real

I must admit my post is very boring. haven’t used English for a long time and I also lost some sense of writing *slam my head to the desk*. I will make separate post for each trip, but know I’ll going to drown into Lake of Bore. Good bye.


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