Sunday mad day

A long time since I went to PVJ, and at Sunday I went there because the big sale was held. Mango, Zara, Topshop, Sogo, you named it. I found my HG at Zara, a cute and sexy sequin baby doll, but the price still blah even they discount it. fyi, in my country a brand like Mango, Zara, and Topshop can categorized as a ‘semi’premium brand, since the price in IDR currency is still unaffordable.
uber cute~but the price…

So, I decided to go to Pasar Baru (a fabric and handycraft supply district) this week to find some fabric to make a semi copy of that baby doll and also to make a peplum shirt. 

Talk about the peplum shirt, a peplum thingy is really in now, and I remember got a blue peplum shirt at thrift store couple years a go, and I really into it, but sadly my mom without uncertainly reason, turn it into a rag. yeah, a RAG. so since it come back to the world, I will make another peplum shirt. Here’s a memento for my peplum shirt tragic life. 

Me at my Uni era..with a pony and boots. I miss the boots too
So..I went shopping for buy a dress and end up bought a trouser for work. I usually tailored my pants because my size is around 24-25 and the shop just offer 26 size above, but this pant have an elastic so it’s fits enough on my hip. No photo sorry. And also, since I’m a cosmetic junkie, I bought a max factor pressed powder. I love it, except the smell.


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