Remember about the last post? I did it! I can’t believe I did it, but yes, I did it! 
I won the giveaways from laurita, the cute kitty agenda. That pink leopard black kitty *umm..what I mean? will be join into my bag as a new member soon. I know it will take a long journey from Europe to my country, so I will wait patiently (^^). 
Big hug from me to Laurita, for choose me as one of the winner. I will continue to stalk her blog, since I like her blog so much.
Honestly, after I won the giveaway, it makes me want to try another challenge, like update my fashion post ^^”, take a singing class, or even do audition for, um, say it JKT48 second generation lol.
I can’t wait for fill my 2012 agenda with a lot of fun and adventurous -out of my comfort zone- challenge~

Bye for now ^^.


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