Giveaway from Laurita~

Okay, I know it’s been so long since the last time I updated this blog. But since laurita hold this giveaway event, I found my self typing for a new blog post. Well, I love cat, I even call my kitten my boyfriend, so I’m craving for this agenda.

Who can resist all the cutie agenda? Especially for the pink leopard one. I decided to out from my comfort zone and get a bit wilder lol. I think the pink leopard print is the best trial, and also I think the black cat on the cover remind me of my kitten, Cemot ^^. Even join this giveaway is one of my ‘out from the comfort zone’ challenge.
And about laurita, I always being her blog silent reader, and I like her blog so much especially for her traveling post and her J magazine, which is become my source for fashion.Please visit her blog ^^.

So, I think I must back to my work now, Bye…(^o^)/


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  1. Hi Padma, did you receive my Email? =)

  2. Yes. Sorry for the late reply. I back to my hometown for Graduation day and I cannot checked my email, nor open the internet. Thanks for the giveaway :D, I already send you a reply..

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