Hitori hanami(一人花見)or simply translated as Lone Hanami, is something that became increasingly common in Japan. While Hanami or Cherry Blossom viewing is part of popular Japanese tradition, mostly by enjoying the ‘once a year’ beautiful scenery with friends and family lately lots of people starting to do Hanami alone. An article in Huffingtonpost Japan even stated that this year, 16% of people doing hitori hanami. And I probably part of those 16% who enjoyed hitori hanami.

I did Hanami lunch with my co-workers at Shinjuku Gyoen, but there is something different that made me enjoyed hitori hanami more. An usual hanami tend to be noisy and chatty, you probably busy with your drink or taking pictures with Cherry Blossom you can’t really appreciate the beauty of the flower. Doing hitori hanami in other side, probably will make you look kind of lonely and pathetic, but you have more time for your self while enjoying the transient beauty of the flower. So, about two weeks a go  I, as a person who love to drown over my own mind, walking to the park near apartment, only with my phone, camera, and 500 yen on my pocket.

The warm and sunny weather made me felt better after an encounter with grumpy old man from telephone company who came to set my phone and my internet (I ended up setting up the internet by my self because he insisted I should receive the set up letter on my post mailbox but the provider actually sent it to my email -_-;).

The park was full of people who enjoy their Saturday evening. Some people just finished their BBQ party while some groups of young people doing some sport. Other just strolling the park by their bicycle or walk, like me. It was fun that you came to saw a cherry blossom, but back home with another interesting, heart
warming scenes.

Some of cherry blossom already started to grown their leaves and loose petals since I missed the peak because I went to Kofu, Yamanashi Perfecture for Takeda Shingen festival at the moment (another story that I hope can write in the blog soon ;D).

Not only the cherry blossom, they also have this huuuuge field for all, with children playground (they have the amazing jungle gym) and BBQ area every where. My favorite spot is around the field where you can see Tokyo Sky Tree as the background and the Arakawa riverside who will give you metropolitan and suburban view on the same place. Lots of people bring their dog or ride the bicycle here, and if you lucky, you can see the river cruise boat pass on the river.

 If you want to seeing Sakura in more calm atmosphere and less tourist-y, I suggest you to visit this park. While located in residence area, this park still provided lot of things, especially if you plan to bring your child (like I said before, they have one of the best jungle gym I ever saw). The only meh about this park is that its only can be accessed by Toei Shinjuku Line, so if you bought JR pass, you can’t use it and need to buy separated ticket or using suica/pasmo. From Shinjuku Station, looking for Toei Shinjuku line and wait for local train which head to Motoyawata Area and stop at Higashi Ojima St. (only local train because express train wont stop at Higashi Ojima, or you can ride express, stop at Ojima and wait for local train to Higashi Ojima), then take the Komatsugawa exit gate.

Now, when all cherry blossom petals are gone and the weather getting more warm, lots of people come for some BBQ picnic. Talk about picnic, maybe I should try a lone BBQ someday.What do you thinking, lone BBQ, yay or nay? 😛

Happy end of April,