Steampunk Disney Explorer Ship
Steampunk Disney Explorer Ship

*Caution! Pics heavy!
It was started as a random midnight chat on Instagram. I just woke up after accidentally slept on sofa and found some messages from my friends. Then I found this Instagram message from my Junior in University, asked me if I still have no plan for the next day which technically that day since I read his message at midnight. Feeling exited because finally someone asked me out on weekend (27 yo single, with almost no plan in every weekends), I immediately replied his chat. We have no idea where we will go, then Tokyo Disney Sea randomly popped out in my brain, and as spontaneous as I am (we Indonesian are very spontaneous) he agreed so we decided to meet up at Hachoubori St. at 8 AM. Which is actually crazy because we decided it at 2 AM lol.

Cute Mickey Monorail Tokyo Disney Resort
Cute Mickey Monorail <3 td="">
From Hachoubori St. we rode another train to Maihama St., and from Maihama St. we walked about 3 minutes to Disney Resort station and use the cute Mickey monorail train that will bring all the passenger to Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea. (That, actually located in Chiba Perfecture, not in Tokyo)
We arrived around 8:30 AM and the park hasn’t opened yet, but the park is already full of people, and some Disney character like Goofy is around to cheer up the visitors. There’s also a marching band played in front of the gate. I instantly falling in love with Tokyo Disney Sea after saw the steampunk-ish ship statue, since I’m a chuunibyou* so fond over everything steampunk.
Goofy with the kids
Goofy with the kids (and adults)
Cool marching band
Cool marching band
The first thing we did after the gate opened is ran to get a free pass ticket of Tower of Terror, and even tough we came early, we got the free pass for 19:00 PM~21:00 PM. Felt hungry because we must catch train early, we went to got some brunch at New York Deli in America Waterfront area. After brunch, we started to looking for a ride. My junior (let’s call him A) want to ride “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull” but we gave up because the waiting line for the ride is about 270 minutes (about 4 hours and half)! Instead, we took Disney Sea Transit Steamer, a one way ride/transportation that will bring the visitor around the park. Our boat is sail through Lost River Delta Area to Mediterranean Harbor, and while the park scenery is good, we little bit regretted our decision because the boat is an open boat and it was damn cold haha. 
Turkey Panini with Apple Soda and Fries
Turkey Panini with Apple Soda and Fries
Transit Steamer Line with Promotheus Mountain
Transit Steamer Line with Promotheus Mountain as background
Mediterranean Harbor
Mediterranean Harbor 
Mediterranean Harbor1
Shack near the harbor
After took some rest (and nap) on Mediterranean Harbor Area, we ready for another ride so we went to Mysterious Island area to tried “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” which looked like a steam punk heaven for me. The waiting line for this ride isn’t that long, ‘just’ 90 minutes for 3 minutes ride haha. 
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Bronze submarine from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea2
Glimpse from the cave
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea3
Dive Suites
Then we back to Mediterranean Harbor and waited for almost an hour to saw the “Crystal Wishes Journey: Shine On!”, a special show for Tokyo Disney Sea 15th Anniversary. The show was good, but will be better watched the night show because it include the special effect light that barely seen under the sunlight.
Tokyo Disney Sea
Everyone love stuffed character
Crystal Wishes Journey: Shine On!1
The show started!
Crystal Wishes Journey: Shine On!2
The “Crystal Wishes Journey: Shine On!” Show
Crystal Wishes Journey: Shine On!3
All the pretty performers
After watching a heart warmer and magical show (that we seriously needed on that day) we want to keep the calm feeling so we chose Venetian Gondolas, still on Mediterranean Harbor area as our next ride. This time, the line is much shorter, just 60 minutes. We enjoyed the calm atmosphere and the funny gondolier that singing and joking through the ride. 
Venetian Gondolas
Venetian Gondolas
Venetian Gondolas2
Multi Talent Gondolier; Singing and making jokes while ride the gondola
Its been evening and the sun is ready to fall, could we fulfilled A’s dream to ride Indiana Jones attraction? Read the rest of story in Pt. 2!
To be continued…

*Chuunibyou is a Japanese slang term which roughly translates to “Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome”. People with chuunibyou either act like a know-it-all adult and look down on real ones, or believe they have special powers unlike others. (