Again, long time no see…
Sorry for not posting for such a long time, but my life were into a huge transition for a couple month and I almost haven’t found a right time to write on my blog. In short, I had quit my previous job, move to another city and worked there for a short time before I left the country and moved overseas. Yes, finally I fulfilled my dream to life overseas and currently living and working in Japan.

Living in Japan was one of my biggest dream and target. After failed an entrance exam for design programs in one of the most prestigious university in my country, I choose Japanese Language as my major in hope someday I can learn about fashion and design in Japan, and I thought I must understand about the language first. While I don’t get chance to learn about Japanese fashion in formal way, I got lots of knowledge about Japanese fashion (and fashion in general) when I were working in garment factory, job I landed after finished university and one year working as secretary. Four years in factory, I know I can’t wait anymore. If I stuck on my comfort zone, I would never be able to make it.

Live is an adventure. Borrowed the tagline from TV commercial that was popular years a go, seems the adventurous soul is running through my family.  My grandparent from my father went to France for going into university and became an artist (he was a dancer and painter) in 1930’s and also fall in love with India and stayed there for quite long time.

We absolutely didn’t have the same luxury and privilege as my grand father, but my father went to Saudi Arabia for working in 1970’s then went to Germany for short study when I were 3 years old. Now is my turn to spread my wings and leave the nest.

My current job in Japan now is far from the fashion and design world, but its still linked to my other passion, words. I finally found a job that doesn’t required me to be a ‘well salary servant’ so I got plenty of me-time now. No longer stay in office until late night because the boss hasn’t going home yet. No more phone call at the midnight because one of my boss forgot his purse on taxi. No more phone call at weekend, after the re-buried of your grandfather ceremony because your boss cannot watching television. The most important thing is, no more woke up at 4:30 AM and not go to sleep again after morning pray because your job started at 7 AM and you must leave home around 6 AM just to back to work after 6 PM, plus overtime on weekend. Funny that my current employer in Japan is the most not-so-Japanese company in my entire work experiences.

Off course I still cannot give any judgement or story about Japan since I just living here for a month and half. My current feeling is mix between anxious and excite.  For me, every place have a good and a bad side, and human are same, you’ll meet nice people and annoying people everywhere. The only think that I can say now is,

Be spontaneous, but don’t forget to make plans