Confession: I always be a makeup and skincare hoarder, but there’s always be a special place in my heart for eye and lip product. You name it; mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, everything that have any correlated with eye and lip. Even though I already have tons of same item, I just can’t handle my desire to buying those stuff over and over again. Maybe I have some problem with my potty training back then haha.

One of the craziest moment is about two month a go before Eid Mubarak holiday, when every Mall had this special sale and you just got the holiday bonus from your office. Everyone knows that sale+yearly bonus is equal with special deadly combo. So here I am, with  bunch of product that waiting for getting a review for months just because I’m too lazy and busy to writing.

From above: Emina Star Lash Aqua Mascara; Zoya Coloring Eyebrow; Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi Black Liner

Start from the eye products, I have almost a complete item for an eye makeup. There’s a mascara. eyebrow mascara, and eyeliner.

Emina Star Lash Mascara
To be honest, this mascara is my least favorite item in this haul. It’s not easy to get a mascara that can make my short and spare eyelashes satisfied, but this mascara is big ouch for me. Actually, the result it self was okay. It has a fiber-y things to give your lashes more length and the brush is quite decent, its remind me of NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara, BUT I really really hate the formula. The formula is too wet and very very rubbery give a feeling you added tar to your lashes that last forever. You can feel your lashes when you blink, and when your eyes open. The worst part is when after I cleaned my makeup with cleansing oil and saw my reflection in the mirror, the mascara is not properly disappear, but rather leave a mark like an Eye Black (grease applied under eye to reduce glare*Wikipedia), proof that this mascara is literally tar. Okay, enough, Bye.

Zoya Coloring Eyebrow in Brown
First, no, it’s not the same brand with infamous nail polish brand. This Indonesian version of Zoya was started as a hijab fashion brand and expand their market to halal cosmetics. Their cosmetics is affordable and the quality is pretty good too. Personally I love the brush of this eyebrow mascara, very easy to use and the short wand will give a good control of your hand. The formula it self quite wet so be careful when you applied it. This eyebrow mascara comes in two different shade, Black and Brown. Since I always think black is too harsh for me I choose brown shade but found out that the brown is too light and too red for me. Maybe I will put some dark brown eye shadow imto the tube for make it more suitable on me.

Wardah EyeXpert Optimum Hi Black Liner
MY FAVORITE!! At the beginning I had doubt with this eyeliner because I usually dislike felt tip eyeliner and prefer brush tip eyeliner since since brush tip is more flexible and give me much better control than felt tip. I tempted to bought this eyeliner at the end, because every beauty blogger I follow swear by this, and I’m not disappointing because this eyeliner is awesome af! Great color and good control, its also smudge proof and sweat proof. I even planned to make a individual review only for this baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

Clock-wise: Zoya Ultramatte Lipstick in Coral Sugar; Zoya Lip Paint in Magic Purple; Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick in Cookie Dough

After eye, lets move to lipstick. As self-proclaimed lipstick hoarder, there no “enough” word for me. I tried to detox my self but this deadly-lipstick-potion already running through my blood vein.  As a result, three lipsticks in a day! Hohoho

Zoya Ultramatte Lipstick in Coral Sugar
This lipstick proclaimed it self as a matte lipstick, but I found it’s not true matte, but rather bit creamy and actually, I like it because some of my matte lipstick I had from different brand always had this dry, chalky texture for their pastel shade. The color it self is on peachy coral shade with pink hint. While I’m not impressed at the beginning, this shade had grown on my heart and lately became one of my favorite lipstick ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoya Lip paint in Magic Purple
While it’s looks like a dark red in a tube, it will turn into a dark purple when applied to lip. Long lasting and has a pleasant texture, this is one of my choice when I’m in antagonistic mood *hello annoying co-worker* because this color is very very typical of Disney Villain. Match it with black hijab and I’ll turn into Snow White Evil Queen step-mother.

Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick in Cookie Dough
The reason why I buy this shade was because I’m in love with “Pink Velvet” shade from the same collection and willing to get another color but two other shade are red and I already had too much red. This nude is looks good on photograph but appear too pale in my skin irl. Which little bit unfortunate because I can’t use this lipstick alone without mix it with another color.

Well, that’s my local eye and lip product haul, which just a plenty from my cosmetics pile and honestly, I still have a loooong waiting list for another(!) haul haha. For my reader, what product that you crazy over for? Tell me in the comment box!