hijab on beach ootd

Hello 🙂 Welcome April~

Just return from a short vacation that will give me a permanent tan for the next 6 month. Maybe not as bad as last year because this year I wearing hijab that protect my skin from the sun hehe. It doesn’t mean I hated being tan (since I already have a tanned skin), but its pain for looking a perfect shade of foundation when you getting darker for a while.

hijab on beach ootd-1
ootd hijab on beach
ootd hijab pantai

While going on vacation, I prefer a simple style so dress is always be my number one choice.
This time I choose a simple blue box dress matched with black inner and hijab. I love the dress since it has a hidden pocket in both sides, large enough to put 5,5 inch smartphone and sunglasses. Then, a black rubber sandal completed my look. Rubber sandal is good pair with sea, because its waterproof.

Less is more is my motto for vacation look. What about you? Do you prefer a simple style? Or luxurious style? Bikini or Burkini? Please share on the comment 🙂