Hi!! I am back after more than two weeks M.I.A 😀
About more than a week I went to the textile factory in the middle of nowhere without proper internet access as a technical interpreter. My basic is garment so at first I went blank and got overwhelmed with all the textile terminologies (and temporary deaf because all the noisy machines) but at the end I got brand new knowledge and vocabularies about textile both in Indonesian & Japanese and meet cute technician also lots of bread since the factory owner also have  bread factory, yummy!! Thanks for my boss for giving me a very great opportunities to met new peoples and learn lot of new things from them.

Back to the fashion!! My style is always basic and I prefer
simple thing to over the top style. Like I said in the other post, I love
something practical so I usually use a sling bag or backpack because I got my
hand free. I love freedom XD
Sometimes we want to wearing dress but still look casual,
but not overly casual too. That’s why I choose a simple black dress made from
knit fabric and put denim shirt to make a casual-but-still-felt-sexy looks and
match it with a drawstring backpack. I’m wearing wedges to make the looks more
mature so peoples won’t mistaken me as a high school or college student haha.
So, how about your weeks? Do you still busy with school/work?
Or already preparing for a summer vacation?

Tops: Vintage//Dress: H&M//Shoes: Fladeo//
Bag: Alexander Wang for H&M

Photo by June Paski
Location: Braga Street, Bandung

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