Hello :))

No fashion related post this time. I would love to take some fashion snap but the weather is not so nice lately. Heavy rain and cloudy day, a bad combination for taking pictures.

Instead, I will post about the sunset at the hill which is quite popular at my hometown. Puncak Bintang (Star Peak) or also called Moko Hill. Lots of people (mostly youngster) spend the night here by seeing the city view and starry sky. You can visit Moko Hill anytime, but the best time is at evening, around 5 PM so you can catch the sunset. The sunset is so pretty I don’t even need to edit the pictures (because my camera coloring is not to good) except for re-sized. Unfortunately when I came that day, the sky is little bit cloudy so I can’t catch the sunset perfectly. I took the pictures quite a long time a go (about last month), perhaps the weather and the sky already changed now 🙂

How about your hometown? Where is the best place to catch the sunset?

Have a nice weekends,

P.S : What do you think about my new signature? :))
Me and my lil’ brother