Stripped: Monochromatic Girly Girl

Another fashion snap post!

Lately, I found there was a new trend in Japanese fashion, started by a bi-monthly magazine Larme, its even called as Larme-Kei a ka Larme style. The style it self is very girly and lovely, kind a mix of Mori girl style, fairy style, little bit Lolita style in casual touch. The dominant color are pastels, but there also black-and-white color combination. To be honest, a girly style like Larme-Kei is far from my ordinary style, I prefer to be sleek and casual, but when I saw a black/white coordination on the magazine, somehow it made me want to try those style and break my fashion comfort zone. In fact, after I tried to implemented Larme style on my fashion snap, I felt kind of funny yet interesting. It was absolutely NOT my style. My friend June, who also took all the pictures here, agree that cute, girly style is not match with my goofy personality. We took lots of pictures, but she ended up saying,

“I think you more Lou(Doillon) than Audrey (Tautou). Let’s change that skirt into your usual skinny jeans and take another photos,”. 

Ps: Another version will appear on the next post :))



Tops; Uniqlo//Skirt: DIY//Clutch: Bebe//Shoes; Catwalk//
Accesories&Ribbon: Payless
Photos by June Paski

Bonus Pic:

Sexy Padma. Because I don’t know how to pose cute lol

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  1. your look remember me when Carrie was a Paris!!! like it!

  2. cute outfit! yeah that was akimbo kozue, she arrived just as i was leaving!

  3. Thanks♥
    Got the Purse at Laforet Harajuku big sale, just 1000 Yen :))

  4. Thank you♥
    The party look so fun!! Envy 😀

  5. I like this styling a lot too!! Stripes were meant for you, lady! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  6. awww! love the stripes! and the bow is such a cute addition!

  7. Thank you♡ Well, sometimes we need to put some cute accent 😉

  8. Padma, suka deh sama OOTDnya. Simpel tapi bagus. Sekarang udah hijaban, bikin lagi dong OOTD hijab yang sama kecenya 😉

  9. Terima kasih Vani 😉
    Okee, mudah-mudahan bisa bikin OOTD lagi secepatnya 😀

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