Warning! This post is full of self bragging. Read by your own risk.

Like most of modern people, the first thing I do when I woke up is checking my smartphone, so today, like another day, I automatically reach my smartphone (which technically lay beside me) when I saw a notification from YouTube in my lock screen said “Your Video Already Watched 1000 times”(or something like that, my English is poor, ikr) and I suddenly getting confused. What kind of my video that can reach 1000 viewer? Like, I only upload some lame video me singing, covering Japanese pop-stars songs.

Over curiosity, I open the link even the internet connection is suck to found out that yes, one of my lame cover video already reach 1000 viewer, and I just adajdafghsajlal. what kind of person who can stand my video? or probably they clicked the link because the title just appealing then they closed the tab after saw the video. By the way, this is the *almighty* video that reach 1000 viewed.

Cover of Kana Nishino super popular song, ‘Best Friend’ that poorly recorded by my old sony-erickson*yes, so old*phone and bad lighting. I just…can’t…thank you…
But despite the humiliated feeling that haunted me now, actually I’m little bit (no, actually I’m OVERLY) proud and happy, never thought that my video will reach 1000 viewer. It’s make me think to make a new video, maybe another cover video (I want to cover Dream Comes True songs, their awesome!) or vlog about makeup and fashion. I also had a brand new camera (another bragging words here) so I can assure no crap video quality anymore….human learn, you know 😛 (or you can say, technology win).
Yeah, thank you for everyone who brave enough to saw my video and made it 1000, and I hope I can upload more video in the future~